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Two New Characters Announced for Blizzard’s Overwatch


Blizzard has released details on two characters and a map for their previously announced PVP shooter, Overwatch.

The two new characters are McCree, a futuristic western styled gunslinger and Zarya, a female weightlifter and tank.

McCree is a run and gunner who comes equipped with a Peacemaker hand cannon that he can reload during evasive rolls, a flashbang to stun his foes, and  a special ability that locks on to any visible targets and unloads a one-shot kill on any marked enemies.

Zarya on the other hand is a large tank-type character that lugs around a massive particle cannon that comes with multiple firing modes. Her special ability creates a gravity well that will draw in and capture any nearby enemies, allowing her to unload at her leisure.

In addition to these two new characters, Blizzard also revealed a new map called Watchpoint Gibralter. The details included in this map help outline some of the story details of the world in which this game takes place. The backstory for this specific map revolves around it previously being utilized as an outpost for a peace force of some sort, which the protagonists want to reestablish. One of the tasks on the map is escorting a rocket to the launch pad to help restore Overwatch to its previous capacity.

Look forward to more incremental details like this as development on Overwatch continues through the year!

Source: Polygon

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