Four of DC’s Major Characters Getting New Costumes Post-Convergence

April is fast approaching, and with that begins the newest DC reboot(?) event Convergence, coming less than four years after they’re previous reboot. It will remove the New 52 branding from all of their books, and shake up the status quo of the DC Universe. And a shake up of the universe means a bunch of characters are getting makeovers. So let’s start with the one good one, Wonder Woman…


People have been trying to redesign Wonder Woman’s costume for a while now. They tried giving her the pants and jacket and that didn’t last very long before going back to the classic design. And now we have this new costume from current series artist David Finch. As I said above, I really do like this one. It keeps the spirit of the original costume by only making small additions that don’t really effect the overall look of the costume. It just covers more skin now, which I don’t really care about so fuck it. The only I’m a bit iffy on are the Baraka arm blades.

Moving right along, we also got costumes for Hal Jordan, Superman, and Batman, and they all really suck…




Just… Jesus, man. Hal looks like a 90s comic character, Superman looks like he’s about to pound a fifth of Jack and kill someone in a barfight, and Batman looks like an EVA unit modeled after a rabbit. I don’t understand the choices behind these new designs. Okay, well I can kind of understand Hal and Superman because everything needs to be dark and gritty now so DC can try desperately to make Nolan Batman levels of money, but why Robo-Bunny Batman? I love Greg Capullo’s artwork but that design is just…


What do you think of the new designs? How do you think they’ll be sticking around before everything goes back to normal? Let us know in the comments below.

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