Marvel Makes It Official: Secret Wars Is Not A Reboot!


This past week at the Marvel panel at ECCC, Marvel wanted to set the record straight that the storyline currently going on within the Avengers books, entitled Time Runs Out, leading into their Secret Wars event will not lead to a reboot of the Marvel Universe and its continuity of stories. Marvel’s C.B. Cebulski said that this is “not going to be a reboot, not going to be a revamp, not like everything’s changing,” while Kelly Sue Deconnick added to the conversation, saying “this is the longest running continuing narrative in human history.”

And apparently this is something that the company is not looking to change, along with writer Rick Remender’s comments where he emphasized that if this were to happen that it would dismiss all the work that they had done on the books. So whether or not you want to believe this newest announcement, as I always say regarding these types of things, whatever happens all I ever hope for is good stories to be told as a result.

Source:  BleedingCool

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