This Month, Let’s Watch The Biggest Box Office Bombs


Alright folks, spring is here! The snow is melting, the trees are coming back to life, and we’re inside watching shitty movies…

For the month of April, we’re going to be watching some of the biggest flops at the box office from the past couple of decades. All of the movies we’re watching lost at least $96 million for the studios, and all of them are pretty bad. As usual, schedule is below, please to enjoy.

  • April 3rd – The Adventures of Pluto Nash, est. $96.4 million lost
  • April 10th – Mars Needs Moms, est. $130.5 million lost
  • April 17th – R.I.P.D., est. $90.8-114.8 million lost
  • April 24th – Stealth, est. $96.5 million lost

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