Galaxy Quest TV Series in Development


DreamWorks’ Galaxy Quest is a great movie.  It works as both a send up and a loving homage to Star Trek and is just damn fun on its own merits. A while back on this website (I think) I tossed around the idea of a TV series follow up to the movie. And while this series being developed will probably not be as in depth and insane as my idea, I can safely say that I am a prophet and you should all bow before me.

Deadline is reporting that Paramount Television in currently in the process of developing a TV series based on the 1999 film. If it manages to get greenlit, it is expected that Galaxy Quest co-writer Robert Gordon, director Dean Parisot, and producer Mark Johnson will all be returning to executive produce the series alongside Melissa Bernstein, who Johnson worked with on Breaking Bad. This is all still hypothetical, though, but fingers crossed this happens.

For those who don’t know, Galaxy Quest is about a group of actors who used to be on a successful sci-fi TV series back in the day. But after the show ended, they all got old and washed up. One day while at a convention, they are approached by people claiming to be real aliens in need of their help. Turns out they were telling the truth, and now these actors need to become real heroes and save an entire race of people from destruction.

Source: Deadline

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