Bryan Fuller’s Hannibal Cancelled by NBC


Although I can’t say I’m surprised that this happened, I can still say that I am thoroughly depressed to hear this news. The continued existence of Bryan Fuller’s Hannibal on NBC has been nothing short of shocking because it is so radically different from anything else on network television right now, and considering the immediate failure of such other potentially interesting shows on the same network like Constantine (not the movie), the fact that Hannibal has been allowed to continue to be as fascinating, twisted, and bizarre as it has been for three whole seasons is truly awe-inspiring. Sadly, all good things must either end or keep going to the point where the bad outweighs the good (*cough* Supernatural *cough*), and it appears Hannibal has gone down the former path.

TVLine reported on Monday June 22, 2015 that NBC will not renew Hannibal for another season, and it is pretty clear from both Fuller and the show’s producer that there will be no continuation of the show elsewhere. Again, this is hardly a surprise. As much as Hannibal has been a critical success and developed a very vocal fan-base (myself included), its ratings have been dropping rather consistently since the middle of season 2. The fact that there would be a third season was something of a big question for several months before it was finally greenlit. Sadly, another miracle does not appear to be in the cards for this twisted little feast of a thriller.

Knowing Hannibal is ending merely forces me to look back on how truly great the show has been throughout. I will continue writing episode reviews of season 3 as the episodes air, and I might write a retrospective on the whole show’s run once the final meal has been served in a few months. If you haven’t been watching Hannibal, then you really owe it to yourself to check it out. Sometimes you never know what you’re missing until its gone.

Source: TVLine

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