Kelly Sue DeConnick Leaving Captain Marvel


As announced at a HeroesCon panel while talking of upcoming projects along with husband and fellow comic book writer Matt Fraction in attendance, Kelly Sue spoke of her plans to leave as writer of Captain Marvel after Secret Wars concludes. She will still be writing the current Captain Marvel series during Secret Wars entitled Captain Marvel and The Carol Corps, which will end her run on the title after having the series rebooted numerous times over the past few years. Shown below is the original character redesign by artist Jamie McKelvie that helped start this whole movement.


Kelly Sue, in no small part, is most likely solely responsible for the popularity in the current incarnation of Captain Marvel, which has led to Marvel even green lighting a film based off the character. Along with this has come the massive amount of fame and popularity that Kelly Sue has gained as a result of her work on the title, while smartly branding herself online as much as her writing talents. Acting as an inspiration for her many younger female fans as a strong female figure working in the comic book industry, which until recently was sorely lacking female writers, her many fans even took it upon themselves to name themselves the Carol Corps, showing up at numerous events that she attends to show their support. I look forward to whatever she ends up working on next in her ever growing career as a result of this news, in hopes that her best work is still yet to come.

Source: BleedingCool

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