Marvel Announces New All Ages Comic Spidey!


Marvel announced in a recent exclusive article that they will be releasing a brand new ongoing all ages series called Spidey!  The series will feature in-continuity stories of Peter Parker in his high school days, while paying homage to some of the best Spiderman writers and artists. Here is a description of the series…

Charting the four-colored time machine through is writer Robbie Thompson (Silk) and artist Nick Bradshaw (Wolverine and the X-Men). Together, the creative team will swing headfirst into Stan Lee and Steve Ditko’s famed era of Spider-Man stories, while honoring other Spider-Man heavyweights like Todd McFarlane, Dan Slott, Gerry Conway, and more. But one constant that readers can count on in this in-continuity series, however, are iconic villains, the old Parker Luck, and brand-new legends of its own. And harkening even closer to the silver age of Marvel storytelling, each issue of Spidey will carry a one-and-done format, giving new, lapsed, or veteran readers clean and accessible Spider-Man stories unburdened by continuity.

Normally I’m not a reader of many all ages comics but not for the reason that I’m unable to enjoy them, but more for the simple fact that i find that many of them do not have great creative teams attached to them usually, and that the stories don’t “matter” in the greater sense since they are out of current continuity. So this series does intrigue me since not only is Nick Bradshaw, a fantastic artist who I’m a huge fan of, drawing it, it also is supposed to somehow be in continuity stories yet taking place in Peter Parker’s high school days, an area which hasn’t been as explored outside of the Ultimate Spider-Man series. I’m sure this also has something to do with the fact that since Marvel has casted and announced their decision to bring a much younger Peter Parker to the big screen in their upcoming Civil War movie, yet this sounds to good to pass up to try a  fun new Spider-Man series out. Check out some of the preview pages of great Nick Bradshaw art below.



Source: ComicBook, via BleedingCool

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