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Apple TV, Now With 100% More Games?


Apple took some time out of their recent live event to reveal a new device that takes their Apple TV in an unexpected, but obvious direction; a “gaming” remote.

I say that in quotations because it’s not much of anything…

Features include a touch surface, motion controls, a 3 month long battery life, and the most buttons ever on a handheld Apple device (a total of 6!!!). The controller is meant to be held like a normal TV remote, or turned sideways, kinda like a classic NES or Wii remote.

The new remote will enable users to experience gaming direct from the Apple TV where they’ll be able to enjoy a version of Disney Infinity, Guitar Hero Live, and more. The games actually shown in action so far aren’t much more than a typical casual cell phone game, so time will tell how ambitious they really are.

This most definitely doesn’t qualify Apple as a new competitor in the console wars, nor bring Apple TV close to likes of even the Ouya; but depending on the level of functionality and compatibility with the App store, it could be a fun diversion for the Apple masses.

The new Apple TV should launch for $150US with 32GB of storage and $200 for 64GB.

Source: Kotaku

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