Marvel Delays Secret Wars Finale By One Week


Still fresh off the announcement from a week ago of the delay for the final issue of Secret Wars originally scheduled for December 23rd and moved to January 6th, Marvel has announced that it will be delayed one week more and will be released on January 13th. Marvel Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso had this to say during his weekly column Axel-In-Charge on CBR of the original announcement…

The story got bigger, the revelations more shocking, the scale of the action grander than any of us anticipated. Once you’ve read the event’s truly cataclysmic conclusion — and Esad’s artwork is beyond anything you’ve seen so far — you’ll see for yourself, and you’ll understand why Jonathan [Hickman] and Esad needed the extra time and space, and why we gave it to them. It has all been building to this.

This is all getting somewhat ridiculous given that Secret Wars was originally announced as an eight issue series when first released in May of this year, then expanded to nine issues in August, and was followed by numerous delays, pending the conclusions and after effects of dozens of series along with the main title. Although the series has been enjoyable for the most part and has had some great quality tie-in books, the roll out of the new titles that were meant to follow the series conclusion have suffered as a result in my opinion. Overall this has failed to be coordinated well as a wide line event, especially if your a reader that has been turned off to all things Secret Wars related as we’ve been waiting patiently to escape the current Battleworld climate.

Source: CBR

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