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Kojima and Sony Partner for Exclusive PlayStation Title

All of the rumors and suspicions have finally been laid to rest; Hideo Kojima is formally no longer a part of Konami, but not only that, he’s also working on a PlayStation exclusive title!

For months now, the gaming world has pondered just what was going on with Kojima and Konami, and the dirty details of how that relationship fizzled will most likely never see the light of day. It’s been apparent to most that Konami has already moved on from big budget console games to focus on gambling and casual markets, but now, at least Kojima is finally free to fly like the unique little bird he is, and he’s not wasting time, having already established a new independent studio.

Kojima Productions will partner with Sony to bring a new IP to the console in some sort of exclusive deal. It’s not confirmed yet if this will be a strict PlayStation-only affair, or perhaps be shared with PC or even Xbox gamers.

Kojima has also shared a very interesting logo that looks like a human skull inside some sort of technologically advanced armored helmet – very intriguing! I’m personally very much looking forward to what’s coming from this mastermind next!

Source: VG247

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