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EA Outlines Battlefront Updates and DLC


In an email blast that hit gamers email boxes today, EA shared a link to an update page that announces some updates and finally outlines some of the DLC/Season Pass everyone is undoubtedly pining for.

Just to get this out of the way for those looking forward to finally having a reason to own a season pass: you still won’t see any exclusive content until March…

This first pack of DLC will take the form of a new map set called ‘Outer Rim’, which will include maps based on the factories of Sullust, and Jabba the Hutt’s palace on Tatooine. After that, Summer will see the release of a Bespin pack, a Death Star pack in Fall, as well as mysterious ‘Expansion Pack 4’(title TBA) in “early 2017”. All little consolation to anyone who purchased the pre-order season pass four months ago…

In addition to these crumbs of info, EA also surprised us with details regarding a few updates that hit TODAY:

  • The Tatooine Survival map (now formally called Raider Camp) is now available in a few other multiplayer modes (besides the existing single player or co-op configuration)
  • New outfits were added for Luke and Han which only change their appearance on the Hoth maps to match how they appear in the film (think heavy coats and goggles)
  • They have FINALLY added PRIVATE MATCHES!
  • There are new daily and community challenges that award extra experience points for completing the related tasks
  • Miscellaneous balancing tweaks to weapons and multiplayer

They also outlined future freebies including:

  • New Survival and Multiplayer Hoth maps in February
  • Turning Point mode available on most maps in February
  • Another Endor Multiplayer map and a new Tatooine Survival map in March

Now, overall, to me it looks like the freebies still outweigh the premium, meaning EA is doing nothing but earning interest on all those pre-order season pass early birds… Although the planned DLC contains very cool destinations in the universe, a few things really stand out as lacking even in this new deluge of details.

Where the hell is the Force Awakens content? Is there any even planned? Are they seriously going to neglect the biggest movie in franchise history until at least 2017? Rogue One will be on Blu-ray by the time they add any truly ‘NEW’ content that’s never been seen. Also, why no space/carrier battles like in previous games? They are very quick to point out how they are listening to player’s feedback on content and adjustments, but are they really? Is no one else besides me looking for such things? Strange.

All in all though, it is exciting to know that new things are finally coming down the Battlefront pipe, and now I feel even more anticipation for what’s still yet to be detailed or announced!

Source: EA

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