She-Hulk, Ultimates, And X-Factor Cancelled In January


In Marvel’s recently released solicitations for the month of January, they confirmed that three ongoing titles have been cancelled. The books were All-New Ultimates which we previously reported about here, All-New X-Factor, and She-Hulk. Also absent from that months solicits was Avengers World, but has not been confirmed cancelled as of yet. This would arouse suspicion of cancellation, but as previously witnessed Ghost Rider and Elektra were not present in December’s solicits and thought cancelled, but turned out to be just taking a month off and are back in January. As seen below is the cover art to the final issue of All-New Ultimates, which is kind of a fun idea as it seems to be depicting a Where’s Waldo book cover.

She-Hulk ending to some has come as no surprise as the title has had a long history of being cancelled, despite having highly acclaimed runs by writers John Byrne and Dan Slott. Then you have other long running titles such as X-Factor, that has been written by Peter David in one form or another since 2005, which is being cancelled due to sales being low. While its always exciting to see new interesting books coming out, I’m sad to see such a great title like She-Hulk which I’ve always enjoyed come to an end. I’m also one of the very few it seems to have been reading X-Factor, which was a fun team book of underused X-Men used to great results in my opinion. Even a book like All-New Ultimates, being one of the only Ultimate Universe series still around other than Ultimate Spider-Man, 10 issues in has not been able to hold enough interest and would have benefited from having longer then a couple of arcs to find its footing.

Going forward in this ever changing climate of Marvel Now! announcements, I’m sure there will be more cancellations to come and some great books ending, and that long running titles may very soon become a thing of the past.

Source: Bleeding Cool

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