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Dontnod Entertainment announces new WW1 era Vampyr RPG


Dontnod Entertainment, creators of Remember Me and yet to launch Life is Strange, have announced another new title called Vampyr. Little is currently known about the title beyond the fact that you’ll control a morally conflicted doctor who becomes a vampire after being bitten by a patient. The story will take place after World War 1 and builds off the tagline, “Take blood, save a life,” hinting at the moral struggle of being a professional life-saver, now cursed with the vampiric thirst for blood.

The studio still hasn’t completed their other pending game, Life is Strange, but the studio has been split in to two separate teams to work on both titles simultaneously. There’s much to be learned of this new game as details are exceedingly scarce at the moment, but stay tuned.

Source: Gamespot

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